CDR: Ambimorpheous Recordings AR004 [2006]

Abyss (Intro)
Eye Of God
IV Conviction
A Death On A Cross
Abyss (Ad Infinitum)
Seeking Truth In Death

It’s the eyes. The all seeing eyes. You can’t run or hide from them. They are omnipresent. I’m talking about pictures of Jesus. I fear pictures of Jesus. They stop me from prancing around the house in my dead mother's underwear with a hard on because of those fucking eyes. Any picture of Jesus gives me a guilt complex. Possibly because I’m a sinner who externally doesn’t give a fuck but who internally fears for his soul at his demise. Believe that shit and you’re more gullible than I thought. I just don’t like pictures of Jesus. Therefore any release with a picture of Jesus on it… even if on the back cover… fills me a sudden urge to commit a bit of grievous ass kicking during the review. And guess what? "Eye of God" has just such a picture. To ensure a bit of impartiality I came up with a quick fix solution. I stuck a bit of gaffer tape over the offending image. There… no more all seeing fucking eye. I can now review this release with a clear and uncluttered mind.

I am now starting to get slightly concerned about the artist Darin M Sullivan. At first I thought the Order of Melchizedek release "Domine Ex Audi Vocem Meam Domine" [read review here] with its religious connotations was possibly a joke. The follow on release "As death gives way to victory" [read review here] hinted at further religious beliefs but wasn’t in your face. I was still sitting on the fence giving him the benefit of doubt, baring in mind he was involved in the excellent Order of Black Vision - "Twenty Minutes Til Execution" release [read review here], until this arrived. Oh fuck!! A bloody God fearing evangelist is all I need to write up about. He practically says so himself. He calls "Eye of God" sonic praise to the Lord. Evidence enough. Nailed to the cross through his own words.

In his defence he doesn’t go all preachy, preachy on our lily white sinners asses, and, if truth be told he can hold a tune and a half. But the mere fact he’s a happy, clappy pray before breakfast and bedtime type will put many off. The seven tracks are a diverse mix of ambience and sparkling, slightly dull, electronica with hints of experimental subversive material thrown in through the spoken worded passages. Subversive to my ears anyhow. A lot more lighter in concept musically from Order of Melchizedek the tracks wibble and dribble away in a pleasant enough righteous way. He does throw in the odd bit of dark texture here and there… the standout tracks being those where he ventures into the darker realms such as ‘Nailed’ and 'Abyss (Ad Infinitum)' there’s even some minimalist ambient that rears its ugly head . It’s so, well, inoffensive that I feel bad for actually using bad language in this review.

I can’t get over the feeling that he’s trying to sublimely convert us to God's cause. Which just isn’t going to happen. He should forego all this religious bollocks and keep his beliefs to himself. God will forever be a turn off for some folks no matter how well executed the message through the satisfying, in parts, music. For the Devil has the best tunes. Always has had. Always will. And at least there wouldn’t be a picture of Jesus on the back cover to piss us anti-Christians off big style. The only good thing is that I know he will forgive me for this write up. His God has willed it so. Stick that in your bible and suck on it.



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