CD: Autumn Wind Productions AWP006 [2005]

Uranium Mines
Nuclear Storms
Suffocate.Acid Vomit
Disfigured Children.Radioactive Generation
Human Genocide

The name 20.SV relates to the dose of radiation poisoning that becomes fatal to the human body. Subjected to such a lethal amount, death is 100% imminent after only 7 days. There is no miracle cure to stave off the inevitable. Praying will only comfort those who believe in such things. Great name then. One which the artist Xardas Nyarlathotep should be congratulated on in thinking up. His goal is to channel the visions of an industrialised, post-apocalyptic, bio-nuclear, radioactive world into the form of frequencies. Which kind of defines where he’s going music wise… and which this recording made back in 2000 backs up amply.

"Acid Vomit Human Genocide" is a two part themed power electronic noise release. Part one: ‘Acid Vomit’ is dedicated to the birth of the nuclear age and of future nuclear nightmares to come. Part two: ‘Human Genocide’ details the effects of a nuclear attack on cities and the aftermath that ensues. A soundtrack for the end of the world as we know it. The death of a thousand civilisations. Over the sub 50 minutes and 5 tracks, no vocals are involved, Xardas produces a sound that justifies the words ‘extreme apocalyptic’. He utilises high / low electronic frequencies to sound like a cross between Sutcliffe Jügend & Stratvm Terror… but without any of the accompanying baggage. The music is the epitome of desolate soundscapes. A disturbing, visceral and queasy journey that never lets up. It steamrollers forever onward…flattening everything within its path. At times it becomes so unbearably tense and chaotic, bordering on the painful, yet it manages to restrain itself so as no t to totally alienate the listener completely.

When all is said and done "Acid Vomit Human Genocide" is another in a long line of ‘noise’ recordings currently doing the rounds. What it has going for it is, and separates it from likeminded releases, is the sheer impact it makes through the artists vivid imagination. This ‘end of days’ scenario becomes somehow more believable in his hands. His treatments have been well thought out and implemented making for a recording that will appeal immensely to the ‘noise’ fraternity out there who can’t get enough of this type of music. Not the easiest of music to endure, but one that leaves a lasting impression, and for that alone it comes highly recommended.


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